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a gay post

So while being bored, turned to 8TV during the music video – cum – tok kok chatting session time. Time: really late.

People were just talking about random stuff. Mostly guys trying to chat up women who I believe are guys themselves. At least one person was open about it.

What is a matured man? Old male person? now compare that to a matured boy and? Old young person? Seriously, what the tewt! Gay advertising actually makes it through 8TV’s chat screening system while handphone numbers do not. If people are that silly to post their numbers on tv, what the heck just let them la! Coincidentally, the moderator’s name is sillyballoon.

Thanks to recent events, Arie strikes my mind as:

But I honestly doubt it. He is not Arie. No tewting way. He looks too determined to be an Arie. He is PASSION MAGAZINE’s man of the year and rightly so. 🙂

Anyways, off I go to Seremban (no not to meet Arie) (not Seremban but Genting actually) but to get some Siew Pau’s (get drunk, not really). Yummy.

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Food: Sate Kajang

Make a note to yourself, no blog is complete without a post about food. But then again, which ones blog about Kajang Sate? Not many I’d say, just me (there might be many but I just wan’t to be special). The shop below is located at Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

Sate Kajang nuff said!

Too many different sate’s. Honestly though everthing just taste like chicken (probably made out of cats).

The Sate Sauce. Peanut filled. I hate peanuts. Specially with hot steamy Nasi Lemak. Blek! This wasn’t bad though.

Sambal. Red. Smelly. Mmm. What do they put in these things?

Not me, but lynn finished all the peanut-kuah (sauce). And even ordered an extra bowl to drink. No kidding.

Cut cucumbers. Rice cubes? Translate ‘ketupat’ please. Thank you.

Plate of sate. 30 chicken and 5 beef. Chickens tasted like chickens and beef tasted like hardened chickens.

Beef upclose. Sorry cow.

Fish sate. Still looked alive. Look at that thing. It looks like its breathing. Sorry for the unclear picture but you would freak out if you saw it clearly.

Cuppa Iced Tea to wash all of it down. Not the fish.

Well thats that. Meat on a steak. Who doesn’t like that? Overall pretty good except for weird hardened meat and alien freaky fish sticks. A regulatory food post checked of my list of stereotypical blogs. 🙂


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A Silver for Badminton

So Chong Wei, Malaysia’s only hope for a gold medal got trashed in the finals againts Lin Dan (dan siapa? oh and your name in pink so funny hahahahaha). So what? He still brought back a silver, and has gotten himself RM300K. Still he does not deserve the following picture in Tuesday’s (20 August) The Sun newspaper:

He does look like he is in pain and in the middle of the thought: “Kissing? Honestly? C’mon, peoples wanting to take a dump here, out of the way leh, siam eh sai buey? Kah Cheng Ai Pit Liow Leh.“.

Balance Book

Silver Medal Revenue: RM 300 000

Loss to Lin Dan: (RM 100 000)
Losing really fast: (RM 100 000)
Food: (RM 25 000)
Entertainment (*wink wink* for releasing stress, etc.): (RM 100 000)
Preparation (cheaper *wink wink*, AIDS unfree): (RM 99)

Totals: (RM 25 099)

Notes: Owes RM 25 099 to Badminton Association.

Well done anyway, you deserve a cheer for just bringing back a medal. Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku…it gets boring, you know the drill (ps. negaraku is awesomo). I guessed that Malaysia would bring in 1 Gold, 8 Silver, and 8 Bronze medals before the Olympics were underway. Boy WAS I WRONG!

Congratulations once again and as Hancock never says, “Good…er…Job”.


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I can’t title what I just can’t now can I?

Bored out of your mind? Here’s more boring, but definitely more exciting than what boring would boringly usually define, stuff to read.

Summary of what you have missed out on:
One month break is over. Just like that. Classes have started just like that. 3rd week of classes liow leh.

So anyway sis is in National Service. She’s bumbed out. And wants to buy any sort of services that can remove her name from that list. Undertable Cash Payment and Enquiry to: jeremyyeo [at] gmail [dot] com thanks. Wonder why, isn’t NS a thing where they stick you on an isolated place and give you personal services enjoyed by our nations top people? I mean in my mind, it is supposed to look like so:

Seems pretty fun to me. 😐 Oh and don’t forget guns. 🙂

Hay, heard about facebook? That social watchamacallitwhatwhatwhatthingamajiggy? Yup my mom’s on it. Oh, and she knows more about you than I do about you, yes you the person reading this. Strange? But true.

She is that cool with a fan club, and a bunch of other stuff, see for yourself. Who is that person who made friends with her, GRR! And now I can’t post pictures of me naked as a baby (of course, perv). Oh well. 😦

Oh and an interesting piece of Isetan Fail.

If you’re going to send me mail about saving the environment by saying no to plastic, how about using a paper envelope instead of plas-freaking-tic. FAIL ISETAN. I no buy you no more (not as if I shopped there anyway). Win win for both me, and er, me. Smile.

18SX (maybe) content after the break.
18 and below, the article has ended so please click the following link full of wonder and excitement and sparkley stuff:
18 and above may click to keep reading.

Continue reading

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Work, Kids, Profanity, Awesome

Yes the lack of post would mean I am busy. Duh. Or maybe just couldn’t be bothered. More likely to be the former. 😛

Right after my final examinations, straight to work I go at Sunrise Fun Zone, a community center for residents at Mont Kiara (nice place to live in if you make like a gajillion ringgit a month). Rich Bus Thirds (minors definition: third bus in a line of busses)(major definition: if you need one, please read minors definition).

Anyhow what I do there would interest no one so I wont tell. I help around with children’s stuff. There summarized it anyway.

Only interesting thing happens when drama happens between kids (and sometimes between kids and their guardians; mostly maids). Honestly A-Class-Academy-Award-Winning-Uncensored-Better-Than-Your-Average-Soap-on-HBO-Even-If-They-Are-Only-Kids stuff. Kicking, Punching, Fighting, Wrestling, Bleeding, Profanity. Not so much Bleeding though I thought I saw blood when it was actually red FREAKING paint.

Take the kids illustrated below who were in the midst of wrestling (words in speech bubbles were actually said, I’m a no nonsense person . . . well it may not be true all the time but it certainly is true below . . . seriously . . . oh COME ON ALREADY GEEZ !!!. . .):

The other kid then proceeded to exclaim his favourite part of the body (clever use of symbols to hide obvious meaning):

They continued wrestling (too much Wrestling TV Programmes for these kids) until the supervisor threatened to ban them from future visits (apparently this happens every week, same kids, same fights, same threat, uneffective results).

Whats up with the wrestling anyway? Why would you fight for a fake leather belt wearing:

Honestly it doesn’t look as cool nor as safe (safe from nipple twisters at least) as:

Take note, arrows point to sexiness. Obvious winner here.

Okay, back to the kids, honestly I think those two are way more imaginative than me. Here is what they did (besides fighting):

Yes, they took 2 toy frying pans, placed them together exactly as pictured above and laughed. I know not why or what the 2 pans were meant to resemble but they seemed to be in a state of ‘fryingpanhappiness‘. Yes, it is a word, look it up here: Official Websters-Oxford Reference Material.

Thats all for today. Oh yeah and todays post is slight unfamily friendly but this clause should have probably been placed up way above all the crap. Conclusion: Kids these days are angrier and hornier. tsk tsk western influence (all smiles 🙂 deep inside)


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Mr. Gates has left the building

Haven’t posted in abit as a lorry apparently tripped the phone lines outside. No cables lead to having no internet while having functioning cables lead to the piece of crap called streamyx.

Over the course of the week, Mr. Gates / Bill Gates / William Henry Gates III, has left his executive post at Microsoft (ref1). That’s right, the Harvard dropout (would have made fun of this point if he did not have that much money; all 58000000000 of it.) that brought you what you are currently using to read this (you’re using windows don’t lie), has ceased to be Microsoft’s full time executive. He will still remain as a part-time non-exec chairman (honestly just take this as he has quit).

With the above sexy picture posing Bill Gates gone,

This tongue wagging bald (ps. nothing against bald people) Steve Ballmer would be incharge of the big M (no, not McDonalds).

Kudos too Bill G. for bringing windows to the world and charging an exorbitant price on a piece of software named after a part of a house:

Would it not have been better to name it Microsoft Chairs? or Microsoft Beds? or Microsoft Kitchens? Microsoft Dining Tables? Microsoft BBQ Grills?

Sounds weird? Seriously if the first every version of Windows were to be named Microsoft Toilet Bowl 95, it would have been taken seriously.

Did you know that Bill Gates sperm is the second most wanted by Chinese woman (ref2)? If you have somehow discovered a piece of tissue or cloth containing the sperm of Bill Gates kindly disregard the above sentence and send it to me. I pay you big monnies ok? Since Mr. Gates no longer works full time in an executive post, he could go into production readying stock for the next version of windows:

I would buy that. And so would 1000 other Chinese woman. My sperm is on that list too. Only at number 11. And that a technical error with the website caused numbers after 10 not to be shown. Mr. Tom Cruise is at 12. Original unedited list sent to me by the journalist so that there is no need for doubt:

Last exam paper tomorrow. Goodluck me. If I fail, at least I;m still at 11. 🙂


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